Stratford, CT, March 21st, 2019

KUBTEC featured in recent Radiology Today article discussing how “Augmented intelligence enhances breast screening and cancer treatment.’

In part, the article discusses that last November, Kubtec Medical Imaging, launched its Mozart Supra Specimen Tomosynthesis System, an imaging tool for breast cancer surgery. The new product, Kubtec’s latest generation of the 3D imaging system for breast cancer surgery, is built on its already existing and proprietary specimen tomosynthesis technology. This augmented intelligence technology aids radiologists with image interpretation and reduces the need for repeat surgeries.

Cary S. Kaufman MD, FACS, an associate clinical professor of surgery at the University of Washington and medical director of the Bellingham Regional Breast Center, says 3D specimen tomosynthesis enables better evaluation of surgical margins and a more accurate determination of what exactly needs to be removed from the patient’s anatomy. Whereas a 2D image reveals the suggestion of a lesion, a 3D image shows the exact location and extent of the lesion, he notes.

Kaufman was involved in research to determine the value of 3D specimen tomosynthesis. He relates that the 18-month clinical study began in mid 2015, with results being published last year. The study included 210 patients and involved a side-by-side comparison of 2D and 3D specimen images for intraoperative margin assessment. The researchers compared results gleaned from patients who had image-guided lumpectomies using both intraoperative 2D imaging and intraoperative 3D tomosynthesis. Specifically, the study compared 3D intraoperative specimen tomosynthesis (IDST) with intraoperative digital specimen mammography (IDSM). The study was conducted with Kubtec technology.

The results suggest that it’s possible to achieve a reduction in health care cost as well as an increase in patient satisfaction and quality of life with this technology. Kaufman expects IDST to become standard.

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