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Kubtec’s Specimen Radiography Systems

Kubtec’s digital specimen radiography systems are designed to meet the imaging requirements for core breast biopsy, surgically excised breast tissue, and excised organ and bone specimens. When specimen radiography systems are in the same room as the procedure, it minimizes any time required for taking additional specimens. The patient requires less time in an uncomfortable position. The quality of care is improved for patients. It frees up time in the procedure room for other patients, and lowers the cost per procedure. Learn more about Kubtec’s specimen radiography systems to find out which system is right for your facility.

The Lowest Dose for Neonatal Imaging

When imaging the neonates in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), dose counts. Kubtec’s Digiview 250 images the smallest patients with the lowest dose of any DR detector. At 96um pixel size, the Digiview 250 provides the highest resolution images in the industry. The Digiview 250, with a detector size of 20cm x 25cm and a weight of under 3 kg (6.4 lbs.), is accompanied by DICOM 3.0 compliant software that enables seamless transfer of images to PACS and import of data from the MWL server. Learn more

Our Scientific/Industrial Products

Kubtec’s versatile product lines meet a variety of scientific and industrial applications. Whether it’s small animal imaging or NDT, non-isotope-based irradiation, quality control, or forensic analysis, Kubtec manufactures systems to meet these needs. Our products include digital X-ray cabinet systems, portable X-ray systems, irradiators, and conveyorized digital X-ray systems.

Learn more about how our products might meet the specific requirements for your application:

Why Kubtec Digital X-ray?

Kubtec listens to its customers, resulting in innovative digital x-ray systems that meet customer needs for clinical, scientific, forensic, agricultural, and industrial applications.

Learn more about Kubtec’s innovative systems

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