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Specimen Radiography Systems from Kubtec®

Kubtec®, the foremost developer of digital specimen radiography systems, announces U.S. FDA approval of MOZART® System with TomoSpec® Technology, the world’s first breast specimen tomosynthesis system. This breakthrough 3D technology complements our line of 2D XPERT® digital specimen X-ray systems, designed to meet the imaging requirements for core needle biopsies, surgically excised breast tissue, and excised organ and bone specimens. Specimen radiography systems in or near procedure rooms increase efficiencies and reduce procedure time for increased patient comfort and quality of care.

Highest Res, Low-Dose Neonatal Radiography

When care—and dose—count, the KUB® 250 System minimizes radiation exposure and limits cross-contamination for fragile patients in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The KUB® 250 System images the smallest patients with the lowest dose of any digital radiography (DR) detector. As a dedicated, truly mobile system, the KUB® 250 System transports directly to the incubator for rapid image acquisition of high resolution, high contrast images available in seconds.

Scientific/Industrial Imaging

Our versatile product lines meet a variety of scientific and industrial applications. Whether it’s small animal imaging or NDT, non-isotope-based irradiation, quality control, or forensic analysis, Kubtec® manufactures systems to meet specialized needs. Our products include digital X-ray cabinet systems, portable X-ray systems, irradiators, and conveyorized digital X-ray systems.

Why Kubtec® Digital X-ray?

Kubtec® listens to its customers, resulting in innovative digital X-ray systems that meet customer needs for clinical, scientific, forensic, agricultural, and industrial applications.

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