About KUBTEC: A Leading Medical Imaging Company

At KUBTEC®, our passion is developing transformative specimen imaging, breast cancer margin management, and specimen radiography systems that enable medical professionals to provide the best quality of care for their patients.

Our proprietary award-winning technologies, such as 3D breast specimen tomosynthesis; advanced, high resolution specimen X-ray imaging; and intelligent workflow management features, are redefining specimen radiography and breast cancer surgery standards for the 21st century.

The Future of Medical Imaging

The KUBTEC MOZART® System provides breast surgeons and radiologists with the clearest view of their surgical margins, right there in the Operating Room, and is clinically demonstrated to facilitate reductions in re-excision rates by up to 50%. The Mozart System uses 3D tomosynthesis for breast specimen imaging, transforming KUBTEC specimen radiography into the most advanced, accurate tool for the intraoperative management of surgical margins. That translates into fewer avoidable hospital re-admissions, reduced patient trauma and anxiety, and lower costs.

Our XPERT® range of advanced specimen radiography systems provide high resolution specimen X-ray for the biopsy suite, the operating room, the pathology gross room and the morgue. In addition, KUBTEC XPERT Specimen Radiography Systems include proprietary workflow management tools to help reduce turnaround time and labor costs. Our patented incorporation of HD Optical Imaging into our specimen radiography systems simplifies specimen orientation in the OR and the gross room, and our Image Blender™ technology assists the surgeon or Pathologists Assistant to quickly and accurately locate tumor margins, biopsy clips, and seeds.

Based in Stratford CT, USA KUBTEC is a minority woman owned small business, so we are responsive to the needs of our customers and their patients. Rather, our goal is to identify opportunities to improve the quality of patient care and to develop proprietary technology that enables healthcare providers to deliver that improvement.

At KUBTEC we believe in inclusion and equality. Our team are drawn from different cultures, nationalities and backgrounds. Together we are stronger, and that is reflected in our portfolio of technologies, products and support services.