The GammaPro™

Gamma Detection System

To provide the best care for breast cancer patients, you need the best tools to achieve the best results quickly and accurately.
The GammaPro Gamma Detection System. Simply the most sensitive and precise method for detecting radioactive seeds or locating sentinel nodes.

Why the GammaPro™ System

  • The GammaPro™ Gamma Detection System features a best in class signal detection to detect the deepest nodes in the densest tissue.
  • Enables the most sensitive and accurate method for Radioactive Seed Localization (RSL) and Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy (SLNB)
  • Is designed to detect the deepest nodes and radioactive seeds in all body types
  • Provides the most powerful and efficient state-of-the-art signal detection that can pinpoint seed locations at up to 8 cm depth in breast tissue
  • Includes instant audio feedback to the operator

Additional Materials

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