Healthcare Professionals Love Our 3-D Tomosynthesis Too Much for It Not to Be on More Systems

September 27, 2017 (San Antonio, TX) – KUBTEC announced today at the annual conference of the American Association of Pathology Assistants (AAPA) that they are expanding their proprietary use of 3-D tomosynthesis by bringing it to the XPERT 80 Specimen X-ray System. Kubtec pioneered the use of 3-D imaging for clinical specimens with the Mozart System, the first specimen x-ray system to use 3-D tomosynthesis.

This technology has now been scaled up to enable healthcare professionals to visualize larger specimens such as full mastectomies and even the longest of bone specimens—all in 3-D. Kubtec CEO, Vikram Butani, commented, “The enthusiastic response to the Mozart System from surgeons, radiologists and pathologists prompted us to re-examine the technology and ask ‘why not make it bigger?’”

“We know there is a huge demand for more accurate specimen visualization for these healthcare professionals,” added Butani.

The digital X-ray company plans to have this technology incorporated into the XPERT 80 System by the end of 2017.