The Truth Is:

Breast Cancer is not a 2-Dimensional Disease.

Only 3-D Tomosynthesis
shows your surgical margins as they really are.

Only The MOZART® System from Kubtec uses 3-Dimensional Tomosynthesis to give you the most accurate view of your surgical margins.

The MOZART® System is in use in Breast Care Centers of Excellence around the world. Come to Kubtec Booth #606 in the exhibition hall to ‘Meet a MOZART Expert’. Talk to some of the forward thinking surgeons who use the MOZART 3D imaging specimen system to drive quality of care improvements for their patients.

Friday 9-9:30 am
Dr. Charles E. Cox, MD
University of South Florida, McCann Foundation Endowed Professor of Breast Surgery
Tampa, FL

Friday 3:15-3:45 pm
Dr. Andrea Madrigrano, MD
Rush University Medical Center,
Chicago, IL

Saturday 9:30-10 am
Dr. Roshni Rao, MD
UT Southwestern, Harold C. Simmons Cancer Center
Dallas, TX

Saturday 3:15-3:45 pm
Dr. Cary Kaufman, MD
University of Washington, Bellingham Regional Breast Center
Bellingham, WA

We’ll also be showing a sneak peek of our latest developments that make 3-D Tomosynthesis not just the best way, but also the easiest way, to view your surgical margins.

 To learn more about the MOZART System or to request more information, visit