The School of Oncoplastic Surgery is focused on training the techniques that enable surgeons to achieve the best oncological and cosmetic outcomes for breast cancer patients.

This week we attended the School of Oncoplastic Surgery in Dallas and are grateful to Dr. Gail Lebovic and the School of Oncoplastic Surgery faculty for inviting us to participate.  Like them, we at Kubtec share the vision that every woman diagnosed with breast cancer should have the best quality of care during treatment and the best quality of life afterwards.

That’s why we designed the Mozart System with TomoSpec Technology.

John Leach, Director of Marketing demonstrates the Mozart System during the School of Oncoplastic Surgery, January 27-29, 2017 in Dallas.

The Mozart System is different from traditional 2-D X-ray imaging that has been in use for the last two decades. Rather than producing a single 2-D planar view of multiple tissue layers, 3-D Tomosynthesis technology eliminates tissue interference by digitally removing overlying or underlying tissue in 1mm slices. Potential extensions of the cancer radiating laterally or deep to the lesion can be seen with greater clarity, facilitating a reduction in positive margins and superior cosmetic outcomes.

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