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Who is using KUBTEC Systems?


Specimen Tomosynthesis is an integral part of our cancer center, especially in the breast care center, because we’re bringing more quality to what we do for our patients.

– Michael Alvarado, MD
Professor of Surgery
Director, Breast Surgery Fellowship
University of California San Francisco

3D tomosynthesis specimen X-ray is more accurate. Good for the patient because if we can be more accurate, of course it reduces the re-excision rate.

– Peter Blumencranz, MD, FACS
Medical Director
The Comprehensive Breast Care Center of Tampa Bay

Specimen tomosynthesis allows real time evaluation of the tissue removed from the breast … which allows us to remove less tissue and, therefore, if it’s eccentric in the specimen, to just focus the shave.

– Andrea Madrigrano, MD
Breast Cancer Surgeon
Rush University Surgeons

3D is a no‑brainer. If you’re a breast surgeon, and you want to provide the best care, this is it.

– Dr. Cary S. Kaufman MD, FACS
Medical Director
Bellingham Regional Breast Center


The biggest benefit out of this is a reduction in re-excision, not just for myself, but all the surgeons that will utilize the imaging.

– Cynara Coomer, MD
Breast Cancer Surgeon
Northwell Health


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