Stratford, CT – June 28, 2021 – Lincoln Surgical Hospital announced on Friday that they purchased The MOZART® System from KUBTEC® Medical Imaging, making them the first within Nebraska to have 3D tomosynthesis technology within their facility. This technology is intended to enable their surgeons to immediately visualize surgical margins in the operating theater, resulting in decreased re-excision rates, preservation of healthy breast tissue, and ultimately improved cosmetic outcomes.

Lincoln Surgical Hospital has been using The Mozart System from KUBTEC for the past few months. Surgeons at the facility have begun to use the system for partial mastectomies. According to an article published by Journal Star, Dr. Rachel Jendro, a cancer surgeon with General Surgery Associates, said the device helps to reduce the risk of a second surgery. Dr. R. Michael Norris described KUBTEC’s system as a “magic machine”.

The MOZART System from KUBTEC uses 3D tomosynthesis for breast specimen imaging, transforming KUBTEC specimen radiography into the most advanced, accurate tool for the intraoperative management of surgical margins.

About Lincoln Surgical Hospital
Lincoln Surgical Hospital is an innovative healthcare leader in providing exceptional surgical services for its patients. Their dedicated physicians and staff strive to achieve optimal surgical outcomes in a patient-focused atmosphere.

KUBTEC is challenging the status quo of breast cancer surgery and the excessive volume of re-excision surgeries. Through continuous research and development of our proprietary 3D tomosynthesis technology, KUBTEC is empowering surgeons with immediate visualization of surgical margins in the operating theater, helping to reduce re-excision rates, preserve healthy breast tissue, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.