The Pathology Lab

Specimen Imaging in the Pathology Lab

The MOZART® Supra®

Specimen Tomosynthesis System

More intelligence, streamlined workflow for Pathology and OR imaging. The only system to offer specimen tomosynthesis for lymph nodes, lumpectomy and mastectomy speciments.

The MOZART Supra Specimen Tomosynthesis System features AutoMagnification, 3D Imaging, The Image Blender™, and Augmented Intelligence.

The XPERT® 80-L

Specimen Radiography System

When you need to capture images of the largest specimens, you need the world’s largest X‑ray system for Pathology.

The XPERT 80‑L is the most reliable pathology radiography system with the largest detector for imaging the largest gross specimens.

The XPERT® 80

Specimen Radiography System

When it comes to imaging routine gross specimens in the pathology lab, experts rely on the proven power of the XPERT 80 System for unsurpassed image quality, ease of use and efficiency.

Demonstrated versatility and reliability for gross pathology applications

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