3-D Tomosynthesis
The gold standard for breast imaging,
is now available in the OR.
by Kubtec® for the
Pathology Lab
Automatically highlights microcalcifications.
Automatically locates them in 3-D space.
Automatically takes you to the right slice.
All by using your voice.
3-D Specimen Tomosynthesis
imaging just got easier.
And you can do it all
without breaking scrub.

Imaging in the OR

Kubtec offers 2 tiers of imaging systems for the OR.

Imaging for Pathology

Kubtec offers 3 imaging systems for Pathology

Augmented Intelligence

Kubtec offers 2 Specimen Tomosynthesis Systems
with Augmented Intelligence.

Voice Control

Our Augmented Intelligence Systems feature Voice Control so you can view the specimen in 3‑D without breaking scrub.



Specimen Radiography System

for the Biopsy Suite


Specimen Tomosynthesis System

for the Operating Room

XPERT 80 / 80-L

Specimen Radiography System

or the Pathology Lab

ABC Hospital

DEF Hospital

GHI Hospital

Awards & Sponsorships

Kubtec was awarded a 2016 Premier Innovation Celebration Award for The MOZART® Specimen Tomosynthesis System.

Kubtec is a proud sponsor of the Breast Cancer Coordinated Care Conference for 2018 at Amelia Island.

Kubtec is a proud sponsor of the School of Oncoplastic Surgery.

Kubtec is a proud sponsor of The Association for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA) Education Foundation.

Kubtec® is a Platinum Sponsor of the American Association of Pathologists’ Assistants

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